Screening Analysis

For a quick screening analysis, you only need to supply the following information:

  1. Building Location (latitude and longitude)
  2. Region
  3. Building Class (FEMA 310 building class)
  4. Building Height (number of stories or total height)
  5. Year Building was Designed (building code year)
  6. Evaluation Lifetime (years under consideration)

ST-RISK™ references internal databases to complete the detailed description of building characteristics based on the five basic parameters. For example, the program will search a digitized soils and liquefaction database to find the appropriate site-specific geotechnical conditions.

ST-RISK™ will then use the design year to determine specific building characteristics typical for its construction type and design time period. Using the building type and height, ST-RISK™ will develop a fundamental building period and gather related information. Finally, ST-RISK™ conducts a quick seismic risk assessment based on these values.