Downloads and Customer Service

ST-RISK™ uses the internet:

ST-RISK™ is a program that needs to be installed on a computer running a supported Microsoft Windows operating system. Upon execution the program establishes a connection to our web server, whereby the site usage can be monitored and prepurchased credits appropriately deducted.

The program tracks usage by monitoring the latitudes and longitudes of your site entries. Each new site location is realized by the server and a credit is deducted (at execution time). You can run as many sensitivities and parametric studies as you wish for each site without any credit penalties.

Each time the software is started up you will be prompted for a username and password. These are established during the registration process. Down the road you can manage your account and purchase additional site evaluations with this username and password so please remember what you’ve entered (we have no access to the password).

We will be notified of any changes you make to your account. We will then send you an email to acknowledge and respond to any requests.