ASTM Compliance

ST-RISK™ can be used for compliance with ASTM Standard E2026-16a, "Standard Guide for Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings." The estimation of loss should be made by personnel with qualifications and experience in this field, as described in Section 3.4 of the Standard. Qualified personnel can use ST-RISK™ for ASTM E2026-16a compliance in the following areas:

ASTM E2557-16a is a standard-of-care. It does not require anything in regards to PML, SEL and SUL calculations that is not already proscribed in ASTM E2026-16a. ST-RISK™ is explicitly listed as an acceptable tool in ASTM E2026-16a Appendix X3 paragraph X3.4.

Any damageability assessment beyond the basic screening level assessment requires a site visit by qualified personnel, and ST-RISK™ can be an important tool that takes into account building-specific characteristics, as required by ASTM E2026-16a.