What Can ST-RISK™ Do for You?

Site-Specific Spectrum - If you are a structural engineer designing a new building, this program can quickly provide a site-specific spectrum to use for calculating design loads.

Engineers Can Help Owners Understand Risk - If you are retrofitting an existing structure, ST-RISK™ provides insight into building behavior that will help you decide what to retrofit and how to guide the property owner in making a sound financial decision. By utilizing the cost analysis module within ST-RISK™, you can develop justification for different alternate retrofit scenarios.

Due Diligence – If you are providing due diligence services to financial institutions, ST-RISK™ is the most comprehensive and reliable tool available for providing site-specific PML/PL estimates.

Underwriting – If you are an underwriter, ST-RISK™ allows you to underwrite a structure, using general building and soil characteristics or a detailed seismic evaluation of the building and soil characteristics, to estimate a PML/PL or to obtain a loss for a specified return period.

ST-RISK™ can be used for commercial and residential risk analyses. It contains a database of seismicity and soil information in all major earthquake zones of the U.S. and Canada.

Users will find that ST-RISK™ sets the standard for due diligence examinations. ST-RISK™ can also provide clients with the data and analyses to make informed decisions on earthquake risk mitigation for individual structures or for portfolios of structures. For example, one of our clients used ST-RISK™ to determine the most cost-effective retrofit strategy (among three alternatives) for his property. Another client used ST-RISK™ to put priorities on retrofits for a portfolio of academic buildings, none of which met current seismic codes.

For individual properties, ST-RISK™ can be used to guide corporate risk managers in their pursuit of managing their company’s earthquake exposure. This tool is unrivaled in its ability to provide detailed information required by risk managers to help them reduce, transfer, or retain earthquake risk.

Using the cost-benefit feature of ST-RISK™, you can demonstrate to building owners the economic benefits of retrofitting a building. The client may then be able to present this information to insurance companies for a rate reduction, or to banks for the purpose of negotiating lower mortgage rates.