What is ST-RISK™?

ST-RISK™ is a software package used by insurance and mortgage due-diligence investigators and structural engineers to perform detailed earthquake risk analysis for individual buildings. These analyses and reports are used by mortgage brokers to make lending decisions, insurance brokers to rate assessments, and building owners to make seismic retrofit plans.

What Can It Do?

It is the premier software tool for site-specific earthquake risk management.

ST-RISK™ is the preferred product for creating Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Reports. PML is an industry standard method to assess earthquake risk.

ST-RISK™ is the preferred product for creating Probable Loss (PL) Reports. PL is the best method to assess earthquake risk.

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How Does It Work?

You download and install the application on your Microsoft Windows computer. You download our data specific to the region in which your structure is located. You specify the exact coordinates of your structure and ST-RISK™ performs a site-specific earthquake hazard analysis based on either site conditions determined from regional databases and maps or provided by you.

You give basic information about the building (age, structural system, height, etc.) for a screening analysis, and if you are a licensed engineer, you provide a detailed assessment of the structures strengths and weaknesses based on the ASCE 31-03 approach. ST-RISK™ calculates the building vulnerability to earthquake damage

The program then calculates quantitative earthquake risk metrics such as PML, PL, SUL, and SEL by combining the earthquake hazard analysis and the building vulnerability analysis. It then generates a detailed seismic risk report suitable for inclusion in your overall client report.

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How is It Licensed?

ST-RISK™ is licensed on a project usage basis. This allows recovery of the cost of the software as a direct project cost. You don't need to make a risky investment in an expensive long-term software license. You don't need be sidetracked into developing your own in-house PML report procedure and keeping it up-to-date.

New Feature!

HAZUS Damage Functions

Version 4.5 is now available with HAZUS damage functions for seismic PML and risk estimates. See our white paper for a comparison of losses calculated with HAZUS and Degenkolb damage functions.

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